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“The LTC is a home, a place for anyone to find compassion, companionship, support and respect. This company is the very best of Manchester all rolled together in one big family.”

Drew Kobus

Family,the feeling you get when you know you’re not alone.”

Kayla Davis
Courtney Whorley

“LTC is love and family, LTC is my home”

Courtney Whorley

“The Lancer Theatre Company is my family. I love every one here like my brothers and sisters.”

Casey Atkinson

“The Lancer Theatre Company is a family I didn’t know I had and friends I didn’t know I needed.”

Paige Blaha

“The Lancer Theatre Company means laughs, cheers, tears and family, no matter how dysfunctional, sassy, weird, crazy…I’ll stop here because I could go all day.”

Jada Craddock

“Ultimately, LTC is a family that will never let you down, full of friendships that will last a lifetime, and will give you the ability to be yourself.”

Heather Geer

“The Lancer Theatre Company is a wonderful organization we have. It’s a place where you have fun, meet new people, and be yourself, and sometimes be other people too!

Tommy Graves

“In my busy life, LTC is my break. It’s a friendly company that is just great fun to be a part of.”

Laney Hull

“It means a new start for me in becoming comfortable with myself and my career/future.”

Ivy Jackson

“It means a company of talented theatre students.”

Danny Magnotta

“LTC is like that big dysfunctional family full of cousins you’re not sure how you’re related to but love anyway.”

Lindsey Paulette

“The Lancer Theatre Company means many things to me however, one reason stands out. This company, these teams of crew members and cast, they’re family to me and family to many others I’m sure.”

Robert Saxton

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Lancer Theatre Alumni Achievements

The Lancer Theatre Company has a long list of notable members who went on to success in a wide range of fields—on stage and off.

We couldn’t google them all but take a look at the ones we were able to dig up dirt on.


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2016-2017 Paper Plate Awards Coming Soon!

About the Paper Plate Awards At the end of every season, Noth thinks of some fun and wacky awards that fits everyone individually. He awards on paper plates and present them to the students.

It’s odd that this is normal.


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